About Us

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

We are an Information Technology company based in the UK providing Web Development, Computer Support and Bespoke Application Development to small and large business customers. At Ormit Solutions we take pride in our friendly easy to understand approach – IT can be a world of buzz words, acronyms and jargon. We want to cut through all of the technical speak so that you understand your IT systems. We want to give you the knowledge you need to understand exactly what you require to get the most from your system.

Your creativity

We provide a full range of customized IT services and solutions and strive to offer our customers the best possible cloud Wi-Fi experience.

Trust Us

We aim to provide a service that you can trust. Our talented support team has over 12 years of top level support in public sector companies.

Our Team

Tim Ormrod

Director & Senior Consultant

Paul Molyneux

Senior Developer & Designer

Josh Lane


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