Chainmaille is back!

What is Chainmaille?

 Chainmaille has its earliest examples in Romainia and with the Etruscans.Interlocking rings that make up chainmaille quickly found their way in many forms from Japan to Europe.

Did  you know there were two possible methods of producing the rings for the mail? Closed rings were made by punching them from a sheet of metal  with a double punch, or by simply punching a hole in a piece of metal  and trimming the outside edge. Open rings were usually made from iron  wire. There has been (and still is) much controversy as to whether or  not the ancient armorer knew the art of wire-drawing.

Chainmail, Chain mail or Chainmaille?

Chainmail is the traditionally correct way to spell this ancient art. In this day and age,however, chainmaille is becoming more popular.The French influenced spelling helps internet users find this exquisite art form more readily. And really it just looks so much cooler!

As for chain mail?Well that type of letter should just end up in your spam folder! 

So what is different now?

There is sill a need for chainmaille! Many butchers wear gloves of steal mesh to protect their hands and if you want to swim with sharks we do suggest taking that full chainmaille suit!

Here at Captive Link Creations we use mainly lightweight aluminum rings in spectacular colors to fashion unique pieces of jewelry.

Weather it is a shaggy necklace, or that bracelet that you just seem to wear everyday, Captive Link Creations chainmaille jewelry can customize the perfect piece.